Wander & Design

 The Routes Of An Individual
Infographic, Poster, Cartography
40 X 50"

The routes that an individual takes throughout the course of their life are embedded with experiences and memories. Each route differs with intention and time-lapse meaning the same route could hold a different experience for the individual. A route taken as a child holds a completely different experience then when experienced as an adult. As an individual becomes older, the perception of time alters, rapidly progressing the routes over time rather than over distance. A five-hour trip from Ottawa to Toronto seems much longer to a child, and far shorter when experienced as an adult. Routes of an Individual displays 100 map routes taken by an individual, categorized by the intention, and labeled by the experience of each specific destination point by the application of perceived time as a scale. The routes we choose to take, shape who we are and what we will become. This information diagram displays this in the literal form.